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Sustainable Engineering is a cross-cutting discipline within the engineering profession.

As the earth’s population grows and standards of living rise, engineers are being called upon to play leadership roles in sustainable development and to find solutions to global challenges such as the depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation and damage to ecosystems.

Engineers are at the forefront of making decisions with long-term implications for the planet, and must balance the needs of today’s global population with those of generations to come.


One of the first of its kind in the country, Villanova University’s Sustainable Engineering master's degree program prepares students to use a whole-systems approach to problem-solving through a lifecycle lens. 

Villanova also offers the Sustainable Enterprise Executive Education & Development (SEED) program, a graduate certificate, and PhD concentration in the area of Sustainable Engineering.

Undergraduates may pursue a minor in Sustainable Engineering or Sustainability Studies (interdisciplinary), as well as a related minor in Humanitarian Engineering.


In addition to its academic programs, Villanova is advancing two initiatives:

The Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering (RISE) Forum: The nation’s first and only initiative to address issues of corporate sustainability and sustainable enterprise through the discipline of engineering, RISE serves as a vehicle for academic–industry collaboration.

The Villanova Sustainable Engineering for International Development Initiative: This initiative will equip a generation of engineers to meet the challenge set forth by the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a global compass for achieving human and economic development that is both environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.



Students are encouraged to pursue research opportunities in the areas of:

  • Alternative & Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Water Resources Sustainability

Dr. Bridget Wadzuk
Director of Sustainable Engineering
Professor, Edward A. Daylor Chair in Civil Engineering

Lexi George
Program Coordinator



Dr. Bridget Wadzuk

Dr. Bridget Wadzuk Receives 2024 Outstanding Faculty Research Award

The professor of Civil Engineering and director of Sustainable Engineering was recognized for her work in water resources engineering and green stormwater infrastructure, most notably her research on the evapotranspiration process from green roofs and bioretention.

Villanova University Launches Sustainable Enterprise Executive Education & Development Program

Villanova University Launches Sustainable Enterprise Executive Education & Development Program

Bringing together a commitment to lifelong learning with a passion for sustainability, Villanova University announces the launch of SEED—Sustainable Enterprise Executive Education & Development. Combining the leadership expertise of faculty from the highly ranked Villanova School of Business with the technical knowledge of professors in the College of Engineering’s first-of-its-kind Sustainable Engineering program, SEED is for experienced professionals interested in creating value by designing and incorporating sustainability practices into their business environments.

Karl Schmidt

First Commercial-Scale Wind Farm in the U.S. Would Generate Electricity to Power 400,000 Homes

The Vineyard Wind project is part of a larger push to tackle climate change, with other offshore wind projects along the east coast under federal review. Sustainable Engineering’s Karl Schmidt speaks to the impacts and the value of a life cycle assessment for wind energy initiatives.