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VSB’s Accounting programs are designed to prepare you for careers with accounting firms, corporations (public and private), governmental organizations, and other professional groups. An undergraduate degree in Accounting from VSB will provide you with a solid foundation in accounting principles, an understanding of the critical tools, and the ability to communicate with executives and handle complex tasks. With nearly 100% of Accounting majors finding full-time placement by graduation, VSB Accounting students are prepared and well-positioned for a rewarding career in accounting, finance and elsewhere.

A minor in Accounting will supplement almost any business degree. Many students pair an accounting minor in Finance and Management Information Systems as jobs in these fields engage with accounting routinely.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum, along with all four required Accounting courses plus two elective courses.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with two of the required Accounting courses (noted by *) plus one elective course.
Note:  Starting Class #2025, all VSB minors, including ACC minor, require three unique courses to complete the minor requirements.


The requirements for becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) differ by state but most include completing 150 credit hours in an accounting program at a college/university, passing the Uniform CPA Exam and obtaining a specific amount of professional work experience. Today, most professional accounting firms require the 150 credit hours prior to employment. Some students fulfill the 150 credit hours by taking an overload as undergraduates during the fall and spring semesters and/or by taking summer classes. Others pursue a combined undergraduate and graduate degree to meet the 150 credit hours by earning a major in Accounting along with a Master of Accounting in Data Analytics over the course of four, four and a half, or five years. Additionally, you can view professional licensure disclosures provided by the university which goes into further detail regarding this preparation.


In addition to the core curriculum and business curriculum, students interested in majoring in accounting must take the courses listed below along with two electives.


Graduate Accounting Programs

Jump-start your career with an advanced degree. Our graduate accounting programs offer the specialized skills in data, analytics and technology that employers are seeking. Click to learn more about our Master of Accounting with Data Analytics and Master of Business Taxation with Data Analytics.

Data, Analytics and Technology In The Tax Function

Businesses are adapting their tax functions to meet today's demands, and they are expecting their employees to begin with higher level skillsets.

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