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Today’s financial and non-financial corporations are actively seeking bright individuals with the right knowledge for making sound financial decisions. As a finance major at VSB, you will learn finance theory alongside of technology, quantitative methods and communication, while also developing an understanding of global and ethical issues. A minor will supplement any business degree by providing greater financial acumen and critical thinking skills that enable you to add value to any organization.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum, along with the three required finance courses plus three finance elective courses (excluding FIN 3350, FIN 3360 and FIN 3470).


You must complete core curriculum and business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with the three required finance courses.

Note:Class 2025 and beyond, all VSB minors, including  FIN minor, require three unique courses to complete the minor requirements.





Quantitative Finance is an area where STEM meets finance and is a field that is heavily reliant on models and complex analysis. Students interested in this concentration should be quantitatively inclined as the curriculum will be challenging and incorporate higher-level courses in Math, Statistics, Analytics and Computer Science. When woven in with a major in Finance, a student will exit the program prepared to become not only a "quant" but a quant who is well rounded and well versed in all areas of finance. After consulting with industry experts, the AQF curriculum curated and enhanced to best serve the student and to meet not only the current needs of employers, but future needs as well. Unlike other majors and minors within VSB, this rigorous concentration will require specific admission following a students first year at Villanova and will require careful planning with an advisor to make sure the program can be completed in a normal course.


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