Majoring in Economics provides a rigorous curriculum that will prepare you to think critically in almost every enterprise. This program is designed to promote quantitative thinking while fostering written and verbal communication skills so you are equipped to critically examine the effects of economic factors on market participants in the private and public sectors. Because of the growing complexity of the global economy, there is an increase in the demand for individuals who can provide and communicate quantitative analysis of economic variables and their effects on forecasting sales, managing costs, allocating budgets and choosing investment options.

While the major provides the framework for how firms and governments operate, a minor offers an understanding of domestic and global economies and markets.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum, along with all three required economics courses plus three courses numbered ECO 3000 or higher (except for ECO 3108, ECO 3120, and ECO 3130).  


You must complete core curriculum and business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with the two required economics courses, plus one course numbered ECO 3000 or higher (except for ECO 3108, ECO 3120 and ECO 3130).


  • Starting Class #2025, all VSB minors, including  ECC minor, require three unique courses to complete the minor requirements.
  • MAT 4550 (Math of Financial Derivatives) may also fulfill ECC elective requirement for either ECC major or ECC minor.


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