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Management Information Systems (MIS) blends business knowledge with the use of information technology to solve complex business challenges. The focus of MIS isn’t computer programming; instead, you will learn how to strategically apply technology to enhance the way people work and help companies innovate their products and services. From traders looking to capture market inefficiencies to marketers engaging with consumers to executives expanding businesses globally, technology impacts business in every way and with an MIS major, you will develop the skills to understand those business needs and create IT solutions that add value. With an MIS minor, you will gain insight on the ways IT systems are designed, developed and deployed.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) minor is a three-course minor program. It is open to all VSB students, with coursework that includes building prototype intelligent systems, natural language processing, expert systems, supervised and unsupervised learning, and robotics, among other areas that comprise the broad field of AI.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become increasingly important technologies across all business disciplines such as finance, banking, marketing, healthcare, accounting and real estate.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum, along with two of the required MIS courses plus four MIS elective courses.


You must complete the core curriculum and business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with two of the required MIS courses (noted by *) and one MIS elective.  

Please read the Note section for more information on the MIS major/MIS minor sharing with another VSB major/minor.


MIS 2020 - Prog for Adaptive Prob Solving

Explores a problem solving methodology that employs programming. Emphasis upon identifying capabilities and limitations of the programming approach. Learn skills and techniques to define business problems, design solution processes, develop program specifications, code, debug, and document and defend solutions.
VSB 2006 and VSB 2020 (concurrency) and (VSB 2009 (concurrency) or VSB 2010 or VSB 2030 (concurrency) and VSB 2040 (concurrency))
Credit Hours:
Last Offered:
Fall 2021, Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020
CRSE Attributes:




You must complete the core curriculum and business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with three required courses.


Notes for MIS major and MIS minor
  • One MIS elective can also include MIS 2020, MIS 2030, or MIS 2040.  In addition, CSC 1052 may fulfill the MIS 2020 requirement only if it is not fulfilling the core Arts and Sciences requirements - such as CSCNATSCI or CSCNATSOC.
  • For students pursuing both BUSA/MSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics) programs:
    • MSA 8110 (Data Model & Struct Analysis) may satisfy MIS 2030
    • MSA 8240 (Business Intelligence) may satisfy MIS 3060.
  • ACC 2340 (Accounting Information Systems) may also fulfill an MIS major or MIS minor elective only if it is not also fulfilling an ACC elective requirement.
  • Two out of the 6 required MIS major courses may be a CSC course. One out of the 3 required MIS minor courses may be a CSC course.
  • Up to Class # 2024: Only MIS 2020 may share between:
    • MIS and the Applied Quantitative Finance concentration
    • MIS and AIML minor
  • Class # 2025 and beyond:
    • MIS Major: only MIS 2020 may share between MIS major and the Applied Quantitative Finance concentration
    • MIS Minor: No sharing is allowed between MIS minor and AIML minor OR MIS minor and the Applied Quantitative Finance concentration.  Each VSB minor requires three unique courses to complete the minor requirements. 

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