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Marketing is the lifeline that connects organizations with consumers. The discipline covers a broad range of areas from knowledge of human behavior and market research to strategy and creative expression to drive a desired outcome. As a Marketing student, you will learn how to access real-time information, analyze data, solve problems and communicate results. You will also learn how to develop and implement consumer and business-to-business products and services, and how to strategically manage product pricing, promotion and distribution.

Plus, Marketing majors have the opportunity to further specialize with concentrations in Digital Marketing and in Business Development.

A minor will supplement a business degree by providing you more depth in areas where marketing plays a significant role in the achievement of an organization’s goals. A large percentage of business professionals, regardless of their undergraduate major, will either rotate through marketing positions during their careers or spend most, if not all, of their careers in marketing.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum, along with the two required Marketing courses plus four Marketing electives.


In addition to completing the requirements for a Marketing major, you can also earn a concentration in either Business Development or Digital Marketing.


You must complete the core curriculum and the business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with three Marketing courses. You must take either MKT 2197 (Marketing Research) or MKT 2120 (Buyer Behavior). 

CHE 2900 (Global Pharmaceutical Industry) will count toward this minor.

Note: Starting Class #2025, all VSB minors, including  MKT minor, require three unique courses to complete the minor requirements.




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