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  Your understanding of business is our business.

Villanova’s Summer Business Academy (SBA), designed exclusively for non-business majors, is a six-credit, four-week, online summer program. This holistic educational experience offers an exposure to the dynamic nature of business, providing graduates a global business lens that will help them be more informed “consumers” academically, personally — and professionally.

SBA provides non-business majors a productive summer experience, exposure to the business landscape, an academic credential — and a valuable affiliation with the Villanova School of Business (VSB). Through a mix of academic courses, experiential and applied learning, and exposure to VSB’s well-recognized and respected professional development component, students will gain a basic understanding of business they can apply to their primary course of study or use as a springboard to learn more.


Through its experiential education, SBA provides students with the opportunity to earn an academic credential from Villanova's nationally renowned business school along with a wide array of additional benefits, including:

  • A more diverse academic portfolio
  • An expanded peer, academic and professional network
  • A broadened understanding of career options

SBA also provides access to VSB faculty, resources, programs and events. Additionally, upon successful completion of the program, SBA students can apply to Villanova’s Summer Business Institute or to Villanova’s Academic Year Business Minor program, allowing SBA graduates to extend their business education and affiliation with VSB upon acceptance to those programs.


Trish Burdo
Director, Business Minor Programs

Jarryd Kainz
Assistant Director, Business Minor Programs

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