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YONE Profile: Dr. Sara Reeder

In this Year of the Nurse Educator, the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing is proud to feature faculty and why they do what they do.

Sara J. Reeder, PhD, RN is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor and formerly served as full-time faculty.

Dr. Sara Reeder

Why did you seek this adjunct faculty role?  Do you balance it with another job as well?

Although I retired in my role as a full-time faculty member, I wanted to continue teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed working with students and did not want to totally give up the opportunity to teach.  In my spare time as a retiree, I do volunteer work and travel.  I fit teaching in between those two activities.

How did you become a Nurse Educator?

I became a nurse educator because of a professor I had in my baccalaureate program.  She said, “as a teacher, I have the unique opportunity to share my knowledge and skill with students about how to care for individuals and families from birth to death.”  What she said resonated with me.  I decided I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to teach students and demonstrate the same care, enthusiasm, and compassion for patients and families throughout the life cycle.  I have been able to teach students in several different health care settings and fulfill my ambition.

Best moment as an educator?

I enjoy watching the students grow in their confidence and skill.  I like working with inquisitive students. 

I have several students that I have maintained contact with since they have graduated.  Students send cards and keep me apprised of their career progression and personal achievements.  There is one student I had as an advisee in the undergraduate program, who is now a nurse anesthetist and teaches in a nurse anesthesia program.  I talk to her frequently.

Advice for someone who is considering it?

Challenge your students to be the best at their jobs.  Encourage them to ask questions and search for answers.  Be an advocate for your patients.  Lead by example. Encourage them to find their passion as a nurse.  There are many different nursing roles that are available and they can obtain.