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Villanova Nursing Careers

For Employers

Looking to hire Villanova Nurses for externship, new grad or more advanced positions? 

If you are promoting an event, please send details and a description of the event, along with any RSVP requirement, contact information and a link for more specifics to for consideration for posting to our LinkedIn page, inclusion in our Career Center database of events for students, and possible emailing to undergraduate or graduate students as appropriate. 

If you are advertising a position, please email with a brief description, including location of your organization and relevant deadlines, along with contact information and a link to read more and apply. We may also upload a .jpg file to LinkedIn (accessible by students and alumni members) to accompany the post. Job posts will be considered for posting on LinkedIn, sharing with the Career Center for their database and possible emailing to students. 

If you wish to attend Nursing Career Day, an event exclusively for our nursing students held in late fall, please contact the Career Center's Christie Vuoto, Assistant Director of Employer Relations, by phone at 610.519.5775 or by email at

If you wish to interview on campus, the Career Center can work with you on date and space. Please see their on-campus recruiting page for contact information. 

Questions? Please email Ann McKenzie, MSN, RN, Director of College Relations, at


For Students

Ready to think about your career and job searches?

Throughout your time at the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing, you will hear valuable career advice from your professors, your advisors, student services advisor and guest speakers from the Career Center and the world of healthcare. Take good notes! Have questions? Follow up with them.

Here are some action items to add to the advice they share with you and help you get started: 

  • Think about what you want to do and where you might want to do it. Be flexible along the way. 
  • Create your resume (see Career Center resources for samples) 
  • Make an appointment with the Career Center to have your resume reviewed and to participate in a mock interview. The feedback is valuable! Prepare answers to some of the key interview questions you will most likely be asked. Don't forget to register for Handshake to keep up with events and postings. 
  • Have letters of recommendation written along the way while you are fresh in the mind of the most recent professor. 
  • Remember that your advisor is also a mentor, so feel free to talk through any concerns or questions with her. 
  • Join our LinkedIn group, Villanovans in Nursing. Network with other members who have shared interests and watch the page for new posts. 
  • Do your research on the organizations where you think you want to work. 
  • Attend alumni-related events to meet new people. 
  • Connect with alumni at institutions where you may want to work or in specialties that interest you. 
  • Attend Career Day at the end of the fall semester. 
  • Along the way, stay organized and dedicate time to the process. 



Looking for a caregiver? 

If you are a parent looking for babysitters or a family member looking for another type of caregiver, it is the University policy that we refer you to websites that offer such connections. If you are not familiar, some examples include and We wish you well in your search.