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SNAP 2019 Convention

SNAP-Villanova-Delegates form a V
Dr. Carol Weingarten, the SNAP-Villanova advisor stands with the Villanovans who attended the SNAP Annual Convention in November. Several Villanovans were elected to the board, and many were honored for their outstanding service.

Thirty-two Fitzpatrick College of Nursing students representing the undergraduate, transfer and BSNExpress tracks participated in the SNAP Annual Convention in Lancaster, Pa. Nov. 20-22.

During the convention, students attended workshops and plenary sessions, participated in the state SNAP House of Delegates, elected the 2019-2020 student Board of Directors, networked with recruiters for externships and jobs, interacted with representatives from professional nursing organizations, learned about new products and publications related to nursing, and found inspiration for further graduate study through talking with nursing recruiters in the Exhibit Hall. Vathana Oukan, 2019 SNAP-Villanova President, was the student leader of the delegation. Following SNAP-Villanova’s elections at the start of 2020, she will remain on the Board as Past-President to mentor the new president and lead the delegation to the National Student Nurses Association Convention in Orlando.

Convention Highlights:

  • Villanova again won the state’s highest award for Chapter Excellence (Category 2-schools with 101-200 members).  SNAP-Villanova is a voluntary membership chapter, rather than a chapter with required membership.
  • SNAPshots, edited by Rachel Porcaro, Caitlin Gomez and Liana Perez, won the state award for Most Outstanding Newsletter.
  • Liana Perez, Molly Durand, and Jessica Turner won scholarship awards for Excellence.
  • Villanova’s resolution, In Support of Increased Awareness of the Healthcare Disparities within the United States Prison System, authored by Kara Haldeman, Frances DeNunzio, Juliana Gorman, Martina Morrell, Kaidi Miller and Kathleen Deal, was passed by the House of Delegates and now becomes policy of the state SNAP.  The students plan to submit the resolution to the NSNA for consideration at the April 2020 convention.  Once policy, the resolutions become inspiration and foundation for advocacy and service projects from local through national levels.
  • Several Villanovans were elected to the SNAP Board of Directors, including Alyssa Jones (BSNExpress) to Secretary/Treasurer and Emily Hutsko to Nominations and Elections, East. Outgoing state SNAP President Madeline Stadler ’19 BSN was honored for her 3 years on the state SNAP Board, including 2 years as President. Her 2018 independent study, Orienting and Engaging a New Group of Student Leaders: The First Presidential Challenge resulted in presentations at the poster showcase at the April 2019 NSNA convention in Salt Lake City and at the FCN’s Nursing Scholars’ Day.