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YONE Faculty Profile: Dr. Gail Furman

In this Year of the Nurse Educator, the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing is proud to feature faculty and why they do what they do.

Gail Furman, PhD, RN, CHSE is Executive Director, Simulation and Learning Resource Center, and Clinical Professor.

Dr. Gail Furman

1.       Why did you seek this role?

I’m the product of an old school diploma program which was hospital based and like an apprenticeship model of learning. While going through this program, I was fascinated by the process of teaching and learning, the theoretical constructs of education, and ways teaching could be improved.

2.       How did you become a Nurse Educator?

I kept applying for jobs at schools of nursing, and was told I needed a BSN. After completing my undergraduate degree I was told I needed an MSN, then finally after my master’s program I was told I needed a PhD. This gave the motivation to keep going until I completed grad school!  It took time, but finally, here I am in nursing education.

3.       What do you like about your role?

The students are what makes working in education so rewarding, and so much fun.

4.       Best moment as an educator?

Every morning when I wake up and realize I get to come to Villanova to work today!

5.       Advice for someone who is considering it?

Go for it!

6.       Bonus brilliance?

What makes nursing education so important is that it is ultimately about improving care for patients everywhere.