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SNAP-Villanova Excels at Fall State SNAP Convention

Villanova's delegation has returned from the state convention of the  
Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) with multiple honors. 

The state SNAP convention, held at the Harrisburg Hilton, November 15-17, 2018 featured:
        -Educational programs related to the theme of Nurses:  Advocates in Action
        -An Exhibit Hall, including booths sponsored by potential employers, graduate and other nursing programs, publishers, professional associations, and others related to the needs and interest of nursing students
        -Meetings of the House of Delegates (student Congress.) where association business was addressed:
                -Resolutions were presented from chapters throughout Pennsylvania
                -A By-Law change was passed    
                -Candidates for the 2018-2019 state Board of Directors presented campaign speeches
        -Elections for the 2018-2019 state SNAP Board
        -An educational, networking program for Advisors.
        -An Awards Reception

Villanova's success included:

1.    SNAP-Villanova won the state's highest award, Chapter Excellence (Category 1). The highly competitive Chapter Excellence Award recognized the many activities and outcomes related to SNAP-Villanova's pillars of education, professional development, service, and the formation of networks and friendships. SNAP-Villanova continues through the calendar year with local through national activities.   Diverse and inclusive, SNAP-Villanova's membership includes undergraduate nursing students from traditional, transfer and BSN Express programs  

      2.  Four Villanovans were elected to the state SNAP Board of Directors.  Their vigorous campaigns included speeches to the House of Delegates and interacting with delegates at the Meet the Candidates session, where they also presented posters.  This was the first time four candidates from Villanova ran and were all elected.  This was also the first time that 3 BSN Express students were candidates.  Election results: Madeline Stadler (Class of 2019) - Re-elected state SNAP President; Connor Cochran -Secretary-Treasurer; Alexandra Wawrzonek, Region Coordinator; Kate Payne, Nominations and Elections Committee.  Newly elected Board members remained in Harrisburg for the post-convention Board meeting.

     3.  Villanova's resolution, In support of advocating for quality nursing care of patients experiencing homelessness, was passed by the House of Delegates.  SNAP-Villanova's Legislative and Resolutions Committee spent a great deal of time prior to the convention in researching and authoring the resolution.  At the convention the resolution was presented by Meghan O'Neill, Kate Payne, Liana Perez and Alexandra Wawrzonek.   The resolution was authored by Ashley Geist, Maggie McGeary, Julia Nierney, Meghan O'Neill, Katelyn Payne, Liana Perez, Jacqueline Pisciella, Melanie Sarnicola, Elizabeth Sattely, Meghan Scanlon, Ariel Smith and Alexandra Wawrzonek.  

Each year, SNAP-Villanova's Resolutions and Legislative Committee authors and presents to the House of Delegates at the state SNAP and in April the National Student Nurses Association  (NSNA) a resolution on a critical issue related to nursing, nursing students and/or health.  If passed, the resolution becomes policy of the state SNAP or NSNA.  Chapters and students apply the resolutions in the design and implementation of their service and other projects.  

Outcomes of the resolutions' process:  Student involvement in professional activities at the critical beginning of their nursing careers.  Students experience firsthand the process of translating an idea into policy and practice.  While building skills in leadership, scholarship, networking and advocacy, the resolutions' process involves not only the authors and delegates, but all students present for hearings and votes on all the resolutions presented at the convention. Participation in the convention also can be viewed as simulation for professional development beyond graduation.
      5. Alumna and Associate Professor Jenny Yost, PhD, RN served as a keynote speaker.

      6.  Delegation members met and interacted with outstanding alumni.  Speaker Jennifer Gil, who is on staff at the Massachusetts General Hospital, credits SNAP for her professional involvement.  She was recently elected to the Board of the American Nurses Association.  MSN Program Alumnus Mark Crider, PhD, RN, 1987 state SNAP President, is the current President of the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association and Executive Director and Professor of Nursing at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.  Alumna AnnMarie Papa, DNP, RN, CEN, NE-BC, FAEN, FAAN, Vice President and CNO, Einstein Medical Center, Montgomery), presented a keynote on Advocates in Action.  Alumna Cindy Rich Schmus, MSN, RN, CRNP serves as Professional Consultant to the state SNAP Board.

      ***  NEWS from the national level:  Liana Perez (Class of 2021) was appointed to the new Health Policy and Education Task Force of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA).

Villanova's diverse delegation included freshmen through seniors and BSN Express students who all worked together through every aspect of the convention, were an awesome team for the candidates and were terrific representatives of Villanova.

Congratulations to: Delegation leaders Meghan Galvin and Vathana Oukan and delegation members Victoria Bock, Connor Cochran, Molly Durand, Caroline Keegan, Meghan O'Neill, Kate Payne, Liana Perez, Rosalind (Lindy ) Porritt, Hamilton Tree, Robert Wallace, Alexandra Wawrzonek.  

Congratulations to the Convention Leaders and Villanovans: Meghan Scanlon.  As state Vice President, Meghan planned the convention.  She is also President of SNAP-Villanova.  As state President,  Madeline Stadler presided at the convention and was re-elected to her position.  Madeline is SNAP-Villanova's Vice President.  

Villanova has had continuous representation on the state SNAP Board since 1983 (or earlier); however, 2017-2018 was the first time the state SNAP President (Stadler) and Vice President (Scanlon) were also SNAP-Villanova's Vice President (Stadler) and President (Scanlon).  Both Meghan Scanlon and Madeline Stadler became involved in SNAP as freshmen when they served as Freshmen Representatives to the chapter's Board.