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Megan Healey selected for Willens scholarship


Megan Healey, a second degree accelerated BSN student, has been selected as one of two recipients this year of the $2500 John S. Willens Scholarship Award from Paoli Hospital.

Dr. Willens, a respected anesthesiologist for many years at the hospital, died in 1996. In his memory, his wife Assistant Professor Joyce Willens, PhD, RN, BC established the scholarship to reflect his strong value of the power of education. If an employee did not have funds for tuition, Dr. Willens would pay the tuition for that person. If there was a tuition remission check at the end of the course, the recipient would give the money back. Joyce Willens wanted to be certain that John's legacy at Paoli Hospital would continue.

Healey is a unit secretary on the telemetry/stroke unit at Paoli. She is cross trained as a patient care technician and a monitoring technician.  She has a BS degree in psychology and previously worked in neurodegenerative disease research.  She started in the 14-month program in May and will finish in August 2017. She hopes to work in a critical care unit at Paoli when she is finished her BSN.