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Dr. Sunny Hallowell joins Villanova Nursing faculty


Sunny G. Hallowell PhD, PPCNP-BC, IBCLC comes to Villanova University College of Nursing fresh from her Postdoctoral Research fellowship completed at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (CHOPR) at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. In fall 2015 she joined the College as an assistant professor, bringing with her over 15 years of clinical experience in pediatrics and perinatal care, as a pediatric nurse practitioner, pediatric and neonatal intensive care nurse (NICU) and lactation consultant. Dr. Hallowell has also served as clinical instructor, teaching assistant, and academic guest lecturer for other schools in the area, and is well published both nationally and internationally on the subjects of the NICU work environment, breastfeeding of preterm infants, and preterm infant outcomes.

She was recently elected president of the local chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP), and is a Jonas Foundation Health Policy Scholar for the Expert Panel on Breastfeeding at the American Academy of Nursing. Dr. Hallowell is currently a Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, and will be teaching Nursing and Health Policy in Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents in the classroom, along with clinical practica.

Trained as a health services researcher, Dr. Hallowell enthusiastically explained that she chose Villanova as the place to further her career based on its mission statement and the emphasis on educating the whole person. She is interested in research that examines the associations between health policy, health care systems, and the quality of patient care with pediatric and family outcomes.  She welcomes interdisciplinary collaboration and strives to understand and innovate solutions that bridge the transition of children and their families from the hospital to home.

Dr. Hallowell earned her MSN and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and her BSN from University of Toronto.