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Japanese colleagues visit CE

(Front row) Professor Atsuko Watanabe, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Science, Aino University in Osaka; and Mami Ohnishi, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, Faculty of Healthcare and Nursing, Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing, Juntendo University, Urayasa, Chiba, Japan; (back row) Evie Lengetti, MSN, PhD (c), Continuing Education Associate, College of Nursing; Katsuya Kanda, PhD, Vice President and Dean, Graduate School of Nursing, Aino University; and Dr. Lynore DeSilets.


Columns written by Lynore DeSilets, EdD, RN-BC in The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing brought visitors from Japan to Driscoll Hall on October 30. Dr. DeSilets is Assistant Dean and Director of the Villanova University College of Nursing Continuing Education in Nursing and Healthcare Program. She is also an expert on accreditation in nursing CE. The visitors saw her work in the journal and requested a meeting to learn more about CE in a university setting.  They enjoyed their tour and finding out more about teaching methods, equipment and learning environments, as well as being an American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) provider of CE in a university setting.  Their ultimate goal is to be the first ANCC accredited CE provider in Japan.