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MSN and DNP alumni rate programs with top scores

College of Nursing MSN and DNP alumni from 2014 and 2015 were surveyed on key satisfaction measures relating to their respective programs through Educational Benchmarking, Inc. (EBI).  EBI is a national standardized survey that is recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to be an important program outcome measure. Both programs earned high scores.

“The survey results highlight the commitment of Villanova faculty to provide a high quality and high value educational experience of all our students,” notes Marguerite K. Schlag, EdD, RN, Assistant Dean and Director of the Graduate Program.

The MSN program, in the three categories of overall program effectiveness, learning and satisfaction, rated highly, far exceeding six high profile peer schools of nursing in the nation. It had similarly high scores, outpacing peers, when alumni indicated satisfaction with administration and academic advising, quality of curriculum, quality of faculty, instruction and support services. 

The DNP program also scored highly in the realms of overall program effectiveness, learning and satisfaction and, like the MSN program, exceeded the scores of its well-known, six peer institutions from across the country. The Villanova DNP alumni ranked this program higher than peer alumni did for their respective programs in learning and satisfaction areas including:  importance of and enhancement of learning outcomes; interactions, networking and educational activities contributing to practice; and provision of necessary skills and knowledge and promotion of a successful career.