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Public notice regarding comments on new DNP program

The Villanova University College of Nursing will be hosting a Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) site visit October 7-9, 2015. This visit is part of the process for seeking continuing nursing professional initial accreditation through CCNE for the new Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

Prior to the accreditation visit, schools of nursing are required to provide an opportunity for communities of interest to provide third party comments about our program, students and graduates directly to CCNE. Written and signed third party comments related to the program’s compliance with the accreditation standards will be accepted by CCNE until September 16, 2015. CCNE will share the comments with the members of the on-site evaluation team prior to the October visit but at no time will they be shared with the College of Nursing.

The accreditation standards for the DNP program are:

Standard I - Program Quality: Mission and Governance

The mission, goals, and expected program outcomes are congruent with those of the parent institution, reflect professional nursing standards and guidelines, and consider the needs and expectations of the community of interest. Policies of the parent institution and nursing program clearly support the program’s mission, goals, and expected outcomes. The faculty and students of the program are involved in the governance of the program and in the ongoing efforts to improve program quality.

Standard II - Program Quality: Institutional Commitment and Resources

The parent institution demonstrates ongoing commitment to and support for the nursing program. The institution makes resources available to enable the program to achieve its mission, goals, and expected outcomes. The faculty, as a resource of the program, enable the achievement of the mission, goals, and expected program outcomes.

Standard III - Program Quality: Curriculum and Teaching-Learning Practices

The curriculum is developed in accordance with the program’s mission, goals, and expected student outcomes. The curriculum reflects professional nursing standards and guidelines and the needs and expectations of the community of interest. Teaching-learning practices are congruent with expected student outcomes. The environment for teaching-learning fosters achievement of expected student outcomes.

Standard IV - Program Effectiveness: Assessment and Achievement of Program Outcomes

The program is effective in fulfilling its mission and goals as evidenced by achieving expected program outcomes. Program outcomes include student outcomes, faculty outcomes, and other outcomes identified by the program. Data on program effectiveness are used to foster ongoing program improvement.

Any specific third party, signed comments relating to the accreditation process should be directed to the CCNE home office at:

Priya Modi, MA

Accreditation Coordinator

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

1 DuPont Circle, NW, Suite 530

Washington, DC 20036


202.887.6791 x276 or