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Making a difference locally and globally


Megan Murphy is a senior from Newtown, Conn. She has a desire to help others and knew that Villanova was the best fit for her as a nursing student. “Villanova is at the forefront of nursing education in that it values an adherence to evidence-based practice, thoughtful curriculum organization, and early introduction into the clinical setting.” The rigorous curriculum has taught Megan about time management, critical thinking, as well as hands-on nursing skills with the early exposure to clinical time that begins at the end of the sophomore year.

In the midst of her coursework, Megan is involved in numerous extracurricular activities that help her to make the most of her Villanova experience. She is a member of the Nursing Ambassadors program that offers prospective students the opportunity to ask questions and see the nursing program from the perspective of a current student. She also serves as a peer tutor for sophomore and junior level students who are in the Pharmacology and Anatomy & Physiology courses. This experience gave Megan the opportunity to revisit content that not only assisted her own NCLEX review, but also helped her to hone her teaching skills. In addition to her involvement within the nursing program, Megan recently finished her role as the Vice President of Membership for her campus sorority TriDelta. This position gave her the opportunity to become a leader, a representative of the ideals and values the sorority holds true, and an active member in the formation of the legacy that will long outlive her time on campus.

Megan is also interested in the wellbeing of the global community and has been able to act as a campus representative for the product line Serengetee, for the past 4 years. This organization creates a partnership with local charities and fabric makers across the globe and returns a portion of the profits to their original source. Last May, Megan was given the chance to travel to Durban, South Africa to participate in a field study with seven other Villanova nursing students. There they provided care and assistance at several healthcare sites in the surrounding area. Megan was able to share her amazing experience at the Connelly-Delouvrier Scholars Reception and thank her sponsors and the Connelly family who provided her with the funding that made this international travel possible.

Throughout her time at Villanova, Megan has discovered her passion for the care of infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and hopes to pursue employment in working with this patient population. Additionally, she intends to continue her education at the graduate level someday to further her nursing expertise. “I hope to be able to use what I know and have learned over the past few years to give someone something they can't give themselves- whether that be information, care, support or the endless array of tools my education in nursing has equipped me with.”