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Making the most of a new path


Kayla Galetta is a junior student from Norfolk, Massachusetts. Throughout high school, Kayla was preparing for a career in interior design and architecture, until one day she realized that God was calling her to a new life path: to make an impact.

Kayla’s grandmother was a nurse for over 40 years, and hearing stories about how she left her mark on so many people’s hearts and lives really hit home with Kayla. She realized that she also wanted to be the one holding someone's hand after surgery and walk alongside them throughout recovery. “As a nurse, you are a teacher, a motivator, and a support for everyone you meet. I knew my empathy and compassion could carry me through a career like nursing to help people in their most vulnerable state.” With that being said, her love of interior design will still come in handy in the future, whether it is helping a patient decorate their room or her own future home.

Once Kayla knew that nursing was the path for her, she went on to pursue Villanova University for its “amazing community founded in Catholic heritage and overflowing with school pride.” With the friends and faculty she has met here at Villanova, Kayla has nothing but positive feedback regarding her decision. “I also knew that with a liberal arts foundation, I wasn't here learning a trade, but rather an art: the art of loving people at all stages of life; the art of nursing care. I honestly say that I can see all of these values shining through on the clinical floor and in my day to day life, which I am proud to attribute to my time at Villanova.”

Kayla feels so supported to succeed and make the most of her undergraduate education by the faculty and staff here in the College of Nursing. Her instructors have inspired the students with confidence and are approachable for questions, advice and role modeling. She quickly realized that “nursing is hard, but everyone in the CON is here to help each student succeed. Villanova has provided their students with the tools to do great, wonderful things, and they leave it up to us, the students, to pick them up and build our future selves.”

Not only is Kayla involved in the Undergraduate Nursing Senate and the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania, she also is involved in other activities on and off campus. She is on the development board for the Blue Key Society, which is the prestigious campus tour guide association and teaches incoming tour guides the most up to date information. Kayla also plays a variety of intramural sports and works as a referee for everything that the department offers.

Off campus, Kayla works as a server at Gullifty’s, which is a local hotspot restaurant in the community. Kayla keeps busy but loves the Villanova community and all of the opportunities that surround her.

Kayla is also focused on her future and has many goals in mind both before and after graduation. While she is here at Villanova, she is interested in researching prenatal nutrition as it relates to pediatric brain health as well as traveling internationally. She is also looking into summer internship opportunities in a few cities along the East Coast. After graduation, Kayla plans to continue her education while pursuing her passion for nursing. “I would actually love to teach nursing school. I have always wanted to be a teacher in one way or another, so after getting some experience under my belt, I would love to go back and experience nursing school on the other side and help encourage students and be that resource for them that so many people have been for me.” Kayla sets a great example for the leadership and learning opportunities that our nursing students take advantage of here in the College of Nursing.