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Junior Brian Hartmann publishes medical marijuana article


Junior nursing student Brian Hartmann, in collaboration with Clinical Associate Professor Teri Capriotti, DO, MSN, CRNP, RN, recently published an article titled “Medical Marijuana: What you should know” in the December 2013 issue of Clinical Advisor.

Brian originally wrote the article as part of his pathophysiology course. He found the topic interesting and relevant while learning much about a side of medicine unfamiliar to him.

 “What stood out from the research is how versatile the drug is therapeutically— it can be used to treat so many different conditions,” notes Brian.

Publishing an article was also new territory for Brian. Though he had never worked on such a paper, Dr. Capriotti had much experience in this area and was the perfect mentor.

“Dr. Capriotti was really helpful guiding me and showing me how much information you really need to get before you can start writing,” he explained, “We set deadlines for drafts and had the research done early in the process which made writing the article that much easier.”

The overall experience taught Brian not only about a different side of medicine but a different side of research in nursing—a side he is eager to explore again.