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Sophomore publishes article in Pennsylvania Nurse

Meghan Long

Sophomore Meghan Long wrote an article about a unique experience “Through the eyes of a nursing student—the value of being involved” and was thrilled to see it through to publication in the fall 2013 issue of Pennsylvania Nurse.

Last May, standing in for Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP-Villanova) advisor and Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA) member Carol Toussie-Weingarten, PhD, RN, ANEF, Meghan attended the PSNA Annual Summit on bullying at DeSales University. As she represented Villanova, the opportunity offered her an intimate view into professional enrichment, something she feels strongly that nursing students should consider after graduating from school and throughout their career.

Through the conference, Meghan met a diverse group of nursing professionals, noting she “enjoyed listening to their unique perspectives and felt the passion they had for the nursing profession.”

The day after the Summit, Meghan told Dr. Weingarten about her experience and was urged to write an article about it for Pennsylvania Nurse. She wrote it over the summer and had it published in the fall issue of the peer-reviewed publication; a rare opportunity for a student.

Meghan expressed her excitement and that she is “so grateful to have had the opportunity to write an article for Pennsylvania Nurse and meet so many accomplished nurses at the PSNA Summit.” Ten years from now, she envisions herself teaching nursing students the foundations and vital skills needed to be a nurse for their future careers as RNs.