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A sophomore who serves

Meet Meghan Long from Connecticut


Meghan Long, a sophomore in the undergraduate nursing program, may be far from her hometown but she’s not far from home. Meghan and her older sister Elizabeth, New England natives, are both enrolled in Villanova’s undergraduate nursing program.

“I think one of the most rewarding parts of my nursing education is that I get to share this exciting time with my sister, a junior in the program. Being only a year apart, I am thrilled that we both can enter such a rewarding and life-fulfilling career together.”

So what brought Meghan all the way from Connecticut? Well, besides the community atmosphere that many Villanovans speak of, she was drawn by the strong nursing program and supportive relationships among students.

“What impressed me most about Villanova’s program was that along with their high pass rate for the NCLEX, all of the nurses genuinely wanted to help their fellow Villanova nurses in the classroom. I thought the support and strong relationship the nursing students had with one another was very special about the College of Nursing.”

Meghan quickly formed some strong relationships of her own. As a member of SNAP and Nursing Without Borders, respectively one of the oldest and newest organizations in the College of Nursing, she has met many new people and created lasting bonds. Her Villanova commitments continue as a member of the CAT film committee and as the student liaison for the College, working with the Director of Undergraduate Admissions to plan prospective student events. This year, she will broaden her reach as she was accepted into The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia College Volunteer Program, volunteering weekly helping patients and their families.

Her experience in volunteer work began before coming to Villanova, working with local hospital and high school volunteer programs, but her experiences here have opened her eyes to the magnitude and impact of nurses in the community at a national and global level.

“My time at Villanova has showed me that there are still so many people who need our help. Whether it is a local event with a nursing club, or an international trip to the Dominican Republic, it is our duty as nurses to serve the community and the people who need help the most.”

Her volunteer efforts will no doubt continue as Meghan seeks international experiences through the College of Nursing. As a registered nurse, she hopes to work in a pediatric hospital and eventually, continue in her education to become a professor of nursing.