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Human trafficking course


In fall 2012 students had a unique opportunity to take the course
"Human Trafficking: An Interdisciplinary Approach."

Students were interested in not only understanding how and why human trafficking occurs, but were also interested in being a part of the solution. The College of Nursing's Center for Global and Public Health, the Department of Communication (CLA&S), and the Villanova School of Law offered an interdisciplinary learning experience focused on the global phenomenon and human rights crisis of human trafficking.

Students had the opportunity to: (1) learn in a collaborative, team-taught and multidisciplinary setting through the participation of faculty and peers from across the University; (2) engage in experiential learning by applying classroom knowledge to real world applications via advocacy activities and training programs; and (3) gain a global perspective about the issues surrounding human trafficking, including legal, medical, and communicative implications.

Students also had the opportunity to advocate for anti-trafficking measures through the creation and implementation of educational materials and training programs for the health care community that highlight the identification of and response to victims’ needs and constraints.

Watch student presentations here.  



Read more about the issue of human trafficking and this unique course in the article "Out of the shadows" (pages 8-9) in the Spring 2013 issue of Villanova Nursing magazine.