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Patrick Lupton: a sacred relationship keeps a spirit alive

Patrick Lupton

For Patrick Lupton, service to the College of Nursing’s Board of Consultors since April 2007 is part of who he is. Recently retired after two decades in higher education undergraduate admissions, he is keen to stay connected to Villanova. Lupton’s daughter Eileen earned her BSN in 2003 from the College but tragically was killed in an accident in Chicago shortly after graduation and before she could start her first job there as a pediatric nurse. 

A resident of Lake Forest, Illinois, Lupton explains, “It is quite personal and yet sacred for me to keep the relationship with Villanova University. The College of Nursing and the University gave our daughter Eileen such a wonderful, well-rounded education that by giving back and showing support, we are able to, in a special way, keep Eileen's spirit alive.” He says his motivation is based on the “love and happiness that radiated from my daughter after she had graduated from Villanova, a truly special moment.” He and his wife Therese noted that Eileen had developed a “personal philosophy that all patients must be treated with compassionate care. She saw it as a true vocation in which she could give back and celebrate her faith.” 

Lupton describes his role as assisting the board in the work of the University admissions efforts to track the most talented and academically gifted students for the College of Nursing, also to complement the board by creating new ideas and direction. “In the past years that I served, I have received a wealth of information regarding the College of Nursing and the mission it adheres to: the Augustinian service to humankind and to keep progressing within the scope of the new technology and modern day challenges that face nursing today,” he says. He sees Villanova as a community from the faculty and staff to the “eager, bright-faced freshman wishing to accomplish their full potential as contributors to a better day for all.”

Lupton is rightly proud of the establishment of The Eileen Shea Lupton Memorial Scholarship Fund, with the support of the College of Nursing and dedicated volunteers. “The foundation has raised money to fund nursing scholarships and to date has issued nine scholarships with the average scholarship being $15,000,” he notes. He and Therese also connected the Walgreen family to the College.

“As true Wildcat parents we are very proud of the mission of Villanova and the direction the University seeks for the 21st century. We also as parents realize that this does not come easy and support and prayers are vital,” says Lupton.  He is aligned with the goals of the College, offering, “We salute the College of Nursing for their steadfast desire to produce the very best nurses using the leading tools and providing the most excellent patient care along with a strong ethical foundation.”