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Showcasing undergraduate scholarly work

Caite Cutler, Kaitlin Divinnie, and Alex Litvinov with Dr. Suzanne Zamerowski, their faculty advisor for their nutrition project in health promotion.


The 2nd Annual Undergraduate Nursing Scholar's Day was held on April 26th from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Driscoll Hall’s lobby. The campus community was invited to review and discuss with the traditional and accelerated adult students their poster presentations.  The event was coordinated by Prof. Marita Frain and Dr. Bette Mariani.

Cover of an information brochure by Dr. Zamerowski's group which promoted healthy eating in cognitively challenged clients.

Sources of presentations include projects and papers by students in their Psychiatric Mental Health, Nursing Research, Leadership, and Health Promotion courses. In order to be a poster presenter, students were required to submit an abstract of their scholarly work and submit a faculty recommendation.

Students and their topics are listed below. Many of the students were recorded talking about their work. Click on their video links to the right.


Students Presentation

Jillian LaFond

Sim Chart: An Electronic Care Plan

Catherine Egan, Amy Lay

Technology Safety Program at Visitation BVM School

Allison Behette

Hypertension in Haitian Migrant Communities in the Dominican Republic: An Investigation of Three Rural Bateyes

Sara Nicol, Mary-Claire Rocha, Natalie Monti, Molly Gilmore, Samantha Cembrook

International Nursing Experience: La Romana, Dominican Republic

Victoria Daubert

Osteoporosis Knowledge and Preventive Behaviors among Freshmen Nursing Students

Bridget Carroll, Ferdesa Bauta,Deanna Gillison, David Sauerhoff, Amanda Ward, Mary Luistro, Elizabeth Flannelly, Katelyn Dalina

Norristown: A Community Assessment Project

Courtney Orteli, Suzanne Finley, Marisa Sinishtaj, Caroline Haughey, Mary Shuma,Tessa Braga, Lisa Rivera, Abigail Lewis

West Chester: A Population Assessment Project

Catherine Cappazolla, Lauren Honeycutt, Jessica Fuentes, Sarah Curran, Tara Mullen, Clare Kohler, Megan Copel, Hilary Dutton

Nicaragua: A Population Assessment Project

Sarah Sheerin

HAART- Clinical Implications for the Older Adult

Nora Hammond, Erica Whitney, Aurora Vandewark, Maureen Lynch, Jessica Lee, Elizabeth Fijal, Kelsey Yasak

Nursing + Social Justice: Nursing Without Borders

Caite Cutler, Kaitlin Divinnie, Alex Litvinov, Abby Morrissey, Isabella Palermo

A Unique Approach to Promoting Healthy Nutrition for the Mentally and Cognitively Impaired

Kerry Schindler, Brooke Bettis, Elena Sciulli, Lindsey Jandoli, Samantha Scordino, Jessica Tovar, Samantha Wu, Karla Talisayan

Teaching Strategies for Educating Chulucanas, Peru on Diabetes

Megan Copel

The Importance of Pediatric Injury Prevention Centers: A Review of the Literature

Hilary Dutton

Electronic Aggression

Jill Lafond
Jill Lafond
Victoria Daubert
Karly McBreen
Amy Lay and Catherine Egan