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Frances Amorim receives educator excellence award

The College of Nursing at Villanova University welcomed Frances Amorim, MSN, RN, CCE on May 31 as its new coordinator for Clinical Education. Amorim was honored with the Excellence in Professional Development Educator/Academic Liaison Practice Award from the National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO) at their July convention in Chicago.

Amorim was most recently the staff development educator/student nurse coordinator for Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc, in Philadelphia. She was recognized for going beyond traditional placement responsibilities and creating individualized experiences for students as well as for her talents in the area of preceptorship.

In her new position at the College of Nursing, Amorim coordinates the clinical placements for the undergraduate nursing students at Villanova.  She acts as one of the liaisons with the clinical agencies and has additional responsibilities in supporting the clinical faculty in their role as educators on the various clinical units.

Frances Amorim