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Nursing students educate new mothers

Nursing Students Educate New Mothers
Villanova nursing student Ava Phipps demonstrates to new parents the swaddling technique used with newborns to promote comfort and security for the baby.

Villanova, PA, April 14, 2011 — Safety is a critical part of parenting, though targeted education isn’t always accessible to or accessed by new parents. On April 13, a group of Villanova University College of Nursing students brought vital information to new mothers as part of their maternal-child health clinical practicum with adjunct Clinical Professor Joanna McGrath MSN RN, a specialist in obstetric nursing.

Working with the staff of A Baby's Breath, a Crisis Pregnancy Center, in Jeffersonville, Pa., the students provided a parenting class to new mothers. They presented a range of topics such as home safety with infants and children, first aid, burn and poison prevention, “back to sleep” and SIDS prevention, safe co-sleeping, choking first aid and prevention.

A Baby's Breath, a Crisis Pregnancy Center is a non- profit, Catholic based, all volunteer center that provides free pregnancy test, confidential counseling, parenting and pre-natal classes, a baby store and tutoring.