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Enid H. Adler
Enid H. Adler

The Enid H. Adler International Criminal Court Collection

In June 1998, attorney Enid H. Adler, together with representatives of more than 160 countries and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), participated in the Rome Treaty Conference, which created the first independent International Criminal Court (ICC) under the Rome Statute.

Ms. Adler collected and preserved a unique documentary record of the process, development, and growth of the ICC from its creation in Rome until today.  She has generously donated these materials to the Villanova Law Library, so that we may preserve and make available her personal, extensive, and unique collection of historical materials chronicling the Court's inception and implementation.


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Alexande Charns
Alexander Charns

The Alexander Charns Freedom of Information Act Collection

This collection contains thousands of FBI documents procured by North Carolina lawyer Alexander Charns through the Freedom of Information Act over eight years.  His research reveals the extent of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s secret activity to influence Supreme Court decisions and to discredit non-compliant Supreme Court Justices through wiretaps and disinformation. 

The collection has three linear feet of documents provided by the FBI and from Charns' own correspondence and legal actions to obtain them.  It includes files on Warren Burger, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis Powell, Harry Blackman, Byron White, William Rehnquist and Carolyn Agger, the widow of Justice Fortas.


Commencement 1989 - Professor John Dobbyn, Rev. Driscoll, Dean Reuschlein

Digital History of the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law

A documentary archive of significant events, milestones, and publications of Villanova's law school since its founding in 1953.  This collection includes the full run of student-run newspaper The Docket, yearbooks, photographs, commencement programs, and more.


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Third Circuit Court of Appeals

Opinions of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals


The Villanova Law Library maintains a digital archive of the opinions and orders of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals from 1994 to the present.  This backup archive is a mirror of the digital case content available on the Third Circuit's website, and is searchable for easy access.


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Print Archives of Villanova Law Library

Print Archives of the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law


The Law School Archives is a collection of 249 boxes of documents, photos and artifacts and 264 linear feet of published books and videotapes that collectively document the history of the Law School from its founding to current events. Included are ephemera artifacts such as student awards, alumni souvenirs, brochures, activity T-shirts, DVD videos, blueprints and even construction hardhats! These materials are in a secure inventory in the Law Library for use primarily by Law School faculty, staff and students.  Please contact Steve Elkins, Associate Director for Collection Management, for assistance.