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Law Library Conduct Policy


The Villanova Law Library primarily serves current faculty, students, and staff of the Charles Widger School of Law, and provides limited services to the greater Villanova University community. Use of the Law Library is limited to law students during final exams.

Visitors from outside the law school community are welcome during normal business hours and must check in at the service desk to present a valid and current photo identification card.



Law Library users and staff will interact with mutual respect and consideration and follow community ideals of the University, including:

  • Demonstrating respect for University, Law Library, and private property
  • Abiding by Law Library licensing and contractual agreements
  • Complying with all requests made by Law Library staff
  • Presenting valid identification upon request
  • Using Law Library resources (content, equipment, and facilities) safely and appropriately



The following are prohibited:

  • Behaviors that threaten personal safety or the security of personal or University property.
  • Behaviors that violate Villanova University’s Policy on Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment.
  • Behaviors that violate Villanova University’s IT Policies including the Acceptable Use Policies.
  • Interfering with the activities of other Law Library users or staff, including but not limited to excessive noise, cell phones, music, hostility, rudeness, and disruptive consumption of food and drink.
  • Excessive or inappropriate use of Law Library resources; including computers, books, journals, databases, seating space, study rooms, networks, etc.
  • Tampering with computers, equipment, facilities, signage, or any other Law Library resources.
  • Distributing or posting unauthorized literature, including but not limited to flyers, leaflets, booklets, articles, brochures, and posters.
  • Violating copyright law or Villanova University Copyright Policy in the use, reproduction, and distribution of Law Library materials and resources. 

The Villanova Law Library may limit or refuse access to individuals or groups who fail to comply with these guidelines. Interpretation and enforcement of policies or guidelines is at the discretion of the Law Library staff.