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Student Organization Events and Room Reservations

NOTE: This form is ONLY for student organizations at Villanova Law School

Recognized student Organizations may reserve rooms for meetings, events and for conducting business related to their mission as a law school student organization.

  • If you are planning a more substantial event and need any catering or moving of furniture, event requests should be placed via this form at least 3 weeks prior to the planned event
  • If your organization just needs to reserve a room, and does not need food or facilities assistance, room requests should be placed via this form at least 3 business days prior to the planned event

Please consult the Student Organizations Manual for details on our policies regarding events

If your event is part of a class: Additional classes, make-up classes, or changes to existing class schedules can be made by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs.


General Event Information





NOTE: Checking 'yes' does not constitute qualification as a Professional Engagement Activity.

Contact Information

Event Information

NOTE: No events will be scheduled that conflict with a Law School sponsored annual event such as Admitted Students Open House, Reunion, Red Mass or Named Lectures. Also, only one conference / symposium will be scheduled on any given day.

You will be sent a confirmation email once a room has been found for your event
NOTE: Please include sufficient lead time to set up for your event
NOTE: Please include sufficient time to break down your event

Catering Services

If you need catering for your event, you must fill out this form and ALSO contact to arrange it.

Food that is not considered "catered" food is allowed if it is picked up by the student group (i.e. cookies, sandwiches, donuts, bagels, coffee, pizza, etc.)

Villanova University Catering is the preferred caterer for the law school. All requests for catering must go through the events office— Please see Student Organization manual for more information.

If Alcohol Will Be Served At This Event, An Alcohol Approval Form Must Be Submitted and Approved

Facilities / Room Set-Up

Students are not permitted to move furniture for event set-up themselves.

If you need any furniture set up (tables, chairs, trash cans, etc.), you MUST fill out this form AND contact Joe Mariani at to discuss your facilities needs, and go over specific setup concerns related to your event.

NOTE: Your organization may be charged fees for furniture break down and setup or custodial services.

Joe Mariani will also be the contact person for any public safety needs at your event.  For more details, check the Student Organizations Manual.



Audio/Visual Media

If you have any audio/visual needs for your event, you MUST fill out this form AND contact Brian Sirak from UNIT to discuss your event needs and address any specific A/V concerns you have.

* Use of the Worby Wall requires the approval of the Law School Administration. Student Groups requesting use of the Video Wall must submit a request for approval in writing to Assistant Dean Bo Connell at least three (3) weeks prior to the proposed usage date. Requests should include date(s) and length of time groups want the presentation displayed. Please note that, with limited exceptions, presentations cannot be shown for more than 2 weeks and other events in the Commons may displace the presentation from being displayed during the requested time. See Student Organization for complete policy.