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Student Bar Association

We support students, we organize student events and we advocate for students in order to build community at Villanova Law.

Welcome to the Student Bar Association website. The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the official resource and liaison for the student body in matters involving the school administration, faculty and students. Upon enrollment at the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, each student becomes a member of the organization. The SBA Board consists of 25 elected positions and four appointed positions. 

SBA is also the umbrella student organization at the law school. The SBA Board provides funding, authorization and guidance for all student organizations.

Early in the year, the SBA Board assists in the first year students' orientation program. SBA allocates funds to student organizations and organizes the Student Activities Fair in the fall. Throughout the year, the SBA Board sponsors social activities like Barrister's Ball, donation drives, forums, community service opportunities, student advocacy and networking opportunities, and intramural sports events.

For questions regarding apparel, please send us an email. Our office is located next to the Student Lounge across from 102. Feel free to stop by, or leave a comment in our suggestion box regarding an activity you would like to see changed or added, or an issue you would like SBA to address any time.

SBA Elections

SBA elections are held each fall and spring to fill open positions. The Honor Board facilitates the elections process and the voting system. If you have questions regarding elections, please email the Honor Board.

SBA Officers: 2020 - 2021



Leah Edelstein

Responsible for setting the agenda for the SBA; presides over the weekly meetings; serves on the budget committee; organizes and appoints SBA members to committees within the SBA; appoints students to various faculty committees; also meets directly with members of the administration and faculty to discuss student concerns.

Vice President

Samuel Vale

Assists the President with his/her duties; presides over meetings when the President is unable to attend; serves on the SBA executive board; serves on the SBA budget committee; meets with members of the administration to discuss student concerns; organizes and runs first-year mentoring program.


Austin Meo

Sends SBA weekly announcement email for Villanova Law School community; takes and transcribes minutes at each SBA meeting; sits on the budget committee; oversees communication.


Emily O'Leary

Oversees the annual SBA budget; responsible for setting budget guidelines for student groups and the SBA; presides over bi-annual budget hearings; handles the SBA checking account; signs SBA checks; reimburses student organizations for approved expenses.

Student Group Liaison

Nicolas Burnosky

The student group liaison is the SBA’s contact person for the heads of co-curricular student organizations; informs the various groups about budget issues, requirements, and policies; assists student groups with recruitment; runs the Ed Huber Student Activities Fair.

Intramurals Chair

Anna Wills

The Intramurals Chair coordinates opportunities for students to participate in various sporting events, organizes the SBA golf tournament, works in conjunction with student health groups to organize fitness activities and plans the annual trip to the UVA softball tournament in the spring.

University Senator

Morgan Carey

Attends monthly University Senate meetings on main campus; works with the President to facilitate communications and activities with other Philadelphia law schools; represents the law school at the University level; organizes annual apparel sale.

Event Coordinator
Jake Glancy
Wellness Coordinator
Anne Ringelestein
Bar Representative:
Charli Grayson
3L Class Representatives (Class of 2021)

Keith Lee

Manuel Colon

MaryRose Croddick 

2L Class Representatives (Class of 2022)

Taylor Williams

Ian Daniels

Laing Wise

1L Class Representatives (Class of 2023)

Amit Mysore

Margot Weitz

Griffith Hawk

Cooper F. Townsend

Kevin Sheppard II

Dani Goldberg

Alumni Relations Chair
Ferrell Townsend
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Leah George
At-large Representatives

Mohamed Asker 

Liana Carvalho Pruna