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Honor Board

Gavel and Law Books


The Honor Board is established by the Faculty of the Villanova Law School to:

  • administer, in conjunction with the Faculty, the Code of Conduct described in the Student Handbook;
  • assist the Administration of the Villanova Law School in the administration of  examinations;
  • administer student elections in cooperation with the Student Bar Association; and
  • review the Code of Conduct periodically and recommend amendments.


Executive Board


Honor Board Chairperson: Colleen Bullock

Honor Board Vice Chairperson: Christian Riley

Honor Board Secretary: Nicholas Dowdle

3L Reps:

  • Kendall Hutchings
  • Samual Vale
  • Aislinn Sroczynski
  • Austin Skelton
  • Gabriella Scott
  • Amanda Saper
  • Lauren McDowell
  • Hani Bousaleh

2L reps:

  • Morgan Harrison
  • Michael Kulick
  • Juan Dawson
  • Austin Davis
  • Timothy Perley
  • Hadassah Francis
  • David Warner

1L Reps

  • Briana Smalley
  • Samantha Newman
  • Danielle Clifford
  • Tyler Kaestner
  • Elizabeth Kletsel
  • Chloe Vollmer
  • Jacqueline Borrelli
  • Kate Spillan
  • Amanda Rioboli
  • Jean-Claire Perini