Honor Board

Gavel and Law Books


The Honor Board is established by the Faculty of the Villanova Law School to:

  • administer, in conjunction with the Faculty, the Code of Conduct described in the Student Handbook;
  • assist the Administration of the Villanova Law School in the administration of  examinations;
  • administer student elections in cooperation with the Student Bar Association; and
  • review the Code of Conduct periodically and recommend amendments.


Executive Board


Thomas Nolan, Honor Board Chair

Honor Board Chair: Thomas Nolan

Honor Board Secretary: Adesewa Egunsola

Honor Board Vice Chair: Adesewa Egunsola

Honor Board Vice Chair: Heather Smillie

Honor Board Secretary: Heather Smillie

3L reps:

  • Marissa Booth
  • Joseph Caputi
  • Kara Crawford
  • Gabby Glenning
  • Brook Harley
  • John Morgan
  • Steven Lee

2L reps:

  • Andre R. Desir
  • Rodrigo Rivera
  • Gregory J. Ferroni
  • Dean E. Avgerinos
  • Lauren B. Knafo
  • Kaylyn D. Wernitznig
  • Christopher J. Merken
  • Ashley N. Heffernan
  • Anna V. Gooch
  • Valerie Pavlov
  • Heather Smillie
  • Stephanie J. Slater
  • Marielle C. Montecillo
  • Meaghan Geatens