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Request for Graduate Level Course Form

Request for Graduate Level Course in Graduate Arts and Sciences only.  A separate form must be filled out for each course request.

NOTE: Communications classes are NOT permitted at this time.

Please enter the reason you a requesting to take this course.  You must substantiate that the course is closely related to your program of legal study.

No more than 6 credits in the College of Graduate Arts & Sciences are permitted throughout your Law studies.

Once approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Law School, the student must submit the request along with a copy of the student's undergraduate transcript to the Dean of Graduate Studies to demonstrate adequate academic background for the requested course.

Note: Please note that only courses for which grades will be reported prior to the law school’s grade reporting deadline can be approved.

Notebook with Forms



Note: These lists are not final. Please check back regularly for updates. For updated textbook information for the coming semester, please check the Villanova Bookstore website

(Under Books > Textbooks and Course Materials, select your term (semester), choose your department as LAW, then select your course number and section)


Information about textbook rental


Contact the Law School Registrar:

Phone: 610-519-7017
Fax: 610-519-7495
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM