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Law School Pass/Fail Grading FAQs: Spring 2020

After serious deliberation, the Law School moved to a mandatory pass/fail grading policy for the Spring 2020 semester. Given the disruption that has occurred—and the many unknown future changes—due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the faculty determined that this was the most equitable system to use to complete this semester.

Most law schools in the country, including those in the Philadelphia area, are reporting a shift in grading policy. A notation will be added to student transcripts to help employers understand the changes to the grading system as a result of the COVID-19 global outbreak.

What does this mean?

Students in all courses will receive a grade of Pass or Fail for their Spring 2020 coursework, whether based on an examination, externship, clinic, a paper, or performance in a skills course.

  • A “P” denotes successful completion of the course with credit.  There is no cap on the number of “P” grades that may be assigned in any course.  
  • An “F” indicates that the student failed the course and will receive no academic credit. 
  • If a student earns an “F” in a required course, the student will need to repeat the course.

How will GPA and ranking be assessed?

GPA and ranking will be unchanged from the cumulative GPA/ranking at the end of the Fall 2019 semester.