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Note: In order to better protect the academic records of our students, you will be required to show ID when picking up transcripts.

    All transcripts issued by Villanova University School of Law Office of the Registrar are considered "official". Transcripts are issued on our transcript paper and bear the signature of the Registrar and the seal of the Law School. The purpose for which you need the transcript determines the manner in which we handle your request.

    The most common type of transcript request is for what we call an "unofficial transcript". These are transcripts you use for resume drops or to apply for jobs, clerkships, externships, or other similar circumstances. These transcripts are printed on paper that can be copied, and you can reproduce them as many times as is necessary.  If you are a current student you can order these transcripts on NOVASIS.  Alumni can also use NOVASIS if they know their log-in information.  Otherwise, please fax or mail us a signed Unofficial Transcript Request Form.

* Students are limited to five (5) unofficial transcripts per semester. *

    The less common type of transcript is the "official transcript". These transcripts cannot be conveyed by you to a third party. Official transcripts must be sent directly from this office to a third party. Official transcripts are printed on specially treated paper that prevents them from being copied. Every official transcript is numbered and then logged when generated.

    Official transcripts are required when applying to academic institutions. Some employers may request an official copy of your transcript AFTER you have been hired.

    Official transcripts are $2.00 per copy and must be ordered using the Official Transcript Request Form.

Transcript Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change in how we order transcripts?

We are streamlining the process. By clearly defining the use and purpose of each transcript, we hope to eliminate any confusion as to what you need to order.

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Why do we now have to pay for official transcripts?

This is a processing fee. However, we are happy to offer you unofficials at no cost.

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How long does it take to process my transcript request?

In most instances, requests will be ready for pick up by noon the following day. This is of course barring any unforeseen circumstances such as the system being down, unusually high demand, or the office being closed for holidays or weather-related reasons.

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What if the job I am interviewing for asks that I bring or send an official transcript?

The official transcript the potential employer is looking for is the same thing we call an unofficial transcript. All transcripts needed for interview purposes can be ordered on NOVASIS. The transcript you can view in NOVASIS is very rarely acceptable for interview purposes. Employers want a transcript that is issued by this office, which is what they consider official.

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Can I get a copy of my official transcript?

We can issue to you a copy of your transcript which you can use for whatever purpose you choose. An official copy of your transcript must be sent directly by this office to a third party and is issued on non-copyable paper. Please remember that the transcript must remain in the sealed envelope in order to remain official.

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Can I have my transcript sent to me in an electronic format?

Unofficial transcripts can be sent electronically or by fax.  Official transcripts are available in hard copy only.

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Can I have my transcript faxed to me or a third party?

Yes, with your permission we will fax your transcript.

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Note: These lists are not final. Please check back regularly for updates. For updated textbook information for the coming semester, please check the Villanova Bookstore website

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