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Register for a Clinic

You will use the forms below to register for clinics. Please be aware that you cannot enroll in a clinic and an externship in the same semester.

In addition to the Clinic Registration form below, the CARES and CFLE clinics also require advanced applications. The CARES application is available at this link and the CFLE application is available at this link. The applications will be available on March 1st, 2021. They must be submitted by March 11th, 2021

Registration for all clinics, including CARES and CFLE, will take place on March 15th and 16th, 2021. You must register for a clinic by Midnight on March 16th to be considered for enrollment. When choosing clinics from the drop-down boxes below, be sure to do so in your order of preference. Students who have submitted advanced applications must include their preferred clinic in their selections.

CARES and CFLE will select students based on their applications. The remaining clinics will register students by lottery. We cannot guarantee that every student will be enrolled in a clinic.

Preference is given to 3L students, although several clinic slots in the spring semester are reserved for 2L students. The Tax Clinic preference will only be given to rising 2L's who will have completed Introduction to Taxation by the end of the fall semester.  The Civil Justice Clinic preference will only be given to rising 2L's who have completed Evidence by the end of the fall semester.

In the fields below, choose your clinic (CARES, Civil Justice Clinic, Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship, Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic, Federal Tax Clinic, and Interdisciplinary Mental and Physical Health Law Clinic) in order of preference. The first being your first choice and the last being your last choice.

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Note: These lists are not final. Please check back regularly for updates. For updated textbook information for the coming semester, please check the Villanova Bookstore website

(Under Books > Textbooks and Course Materials, select your term (semester), choose your department as LAW, then select your course number and section)


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