Degrees, Majors & Minors

Area of Study Major


Business Analytics  
Business Law and Corporate Governance
Finance *
International Business  
Management *
Management Information Systems
Marketing *
Real Estate
* This major has a Concentration      

Students may choose to double major or to select a minor field of study or specialized concentration.

To earn a major, VSB requires students to take six courses beyond the business core coursework in a specific field of study. To earn a minor, students must complete three or four courses beyond the required coursework.

Declaring a Major

VSB students are required to select a major during their sophomore year. To assist students in this process, the Clay Center at VSB offers advising and programs, which provide students with opportunities to gather information from faculty members and upperclass students. Additionally, students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members or department chairs to discuss the relationship between academic programs and personal and professional goals.


A concentration is a curated group of related courses that complement a particular major field of study such as a Finance major with a concentration in Applied Quantitative Finance or a Marketing major with a concentration in Business Development.