The University offers many reporting options and resources to address concerns or for when you may need additional support.

For emergencies, call the Department of Public Safety at 610-519-4444

Reporting Concerns

Academic Support

If you or someone you know are struggling with attending class, staying on track, keeping up with assignments, or performing up to potential, students may self-refer, or be referred by others, for academic support by emailing the Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at

Additionally, each college has dedicated resources to assist students who may be struggling academically.  

Academic Integrity 

Individuals who believe that an academic integrity violation has occurred should report the suspected violation to the appropriate faculty member. If the faculty member does not act on the report, the student may also report the matter, in writing, directly to the faculty member's chair or dean of the college, who will then make a judgment as to whether an academic integrity violation has occurred based on the process described in the Academic Integrity Policy.


Grade Appeals and Faculty Matters

The Provost's Office provides guidelines for students to follow in order to request an appeal of grades, or for when there is a concern regarding a faculty member's performance. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health or behavioral issue, there are multiple University resources whom can provide support.

Reporting Students of Concern

To report general behavioral concerns about a student, you should contact the Dean of Students Office at 610-519-4200 or The Dean of Students Office will assist by providing support or by referring to the appropriate University resource. 

Additionally, The University's CARE Committee brings together administrators from Student Life, Public Safety, the Counseling Center, and Academic Affairs to offer an informed and caring response to students of concerns. If you observe or encounter a student who may be a threat to themselves or the community, have experienced a traumatic personal event, or whose behavior/emotional state raise significant concern, you should contact Fr. Bernie Scianna, Sr. Associate Dean of Students for Student Support and member of the CARE Committee, at 

Mental Health and Psychological Concerns

The University Counseling Center has staff psychologists who are available to parents, students, faculty and administrators who are concerned about another person’s psychological wellbeing. Confidentiality and privacy prevents psychologists from discussing a student being seen in counseling, unless they have the student’s permission. However, by hearing a description of the conditions that have caused concern, and by asking a series of questions, psychologists can get a good sense of the severity of the situation and help you determine the best course of action. The University Counseling Center can be reached at 610-519-4050.


If a student is experiencing a mental health or behavioral crisis on-campus, they may go to the Student Health Center (open 24/7 during the semester). In the case of an emergency, students may alert an on-duty RA, or should contact the Department of Public Safety at 610-519-4444.

In the event a student experiences a life-threatening mental health emergency off-campus, they should be taken to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Conduct that causes harm to another person based on identity or status at the University is not tolerated. It is important that climate concerns are reported so that the reporter and/or those affected receive the support and care they deserve. Many pathways exist to report a climate concern at Villanova University. All reported climate concerns will be treated with care, privacy and taken seriously. Please visit our Climate Concern Reporting and Processes website to learn more.

Villanovans are called to demonstrate respect, dignity, and care for each member of the community. Pennsylvania State Law and Villanova University prohibit hazing in any form, and individuals are encouraged to immediately report hazing to the University. Villanova's Hazing Prevention website offers additional information and resources for reporting and support.

Reporting Options

Any person may report an incident of sexual misconduct through a variety of available reporting options, including by contacting the University's Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators. The University will respond to all reports in an integrated, consistent manner that treats each person with dignity and respect and will take prompt responsive action to end any reported sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.

Resources and Support

Villanova offers a variety of resources and support available to students.  

More information about on and off campus resources can be found on the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response website.


Additional Reporting Resources

Villanova University has contracted with EthicsPoint to provide a confidential internet and telephone-based reporting tool to give University faculty, staff and students an anonymous and confidential way to address misconduct or mismanagement in the workplace or classroom setting. All community members are encouraged to utilize EthicsPoint to make a report, raise an issue, or ask a question. Anyone expressing such a concern or report is protected from retaliation. 

The following University offices are available to provide assistance with reporting and addressing concerns.

Dean of Students Office

  • 610-519-4200

Human Resources

  • 610-519-7900

Office of the Provost

  • 610.519.4525
  • 610-519-5466


This webpage is designed to highlight resources and options for reporting concerns to the University, but is not intended to be an exhaustive list. For complete information about student complaint processes, please visit the Higher Education Act (HEA) Information | Villanova University webpage. 



Campus Resources
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