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International Students

The International Students Services Office at Villanova University offers a myriad of services to international students. Our staff provides assistance with:

  • Immigration rights and responsibilities
  • Educational, social and personal counseling
  • Cultural adjustment issues
  • Campus and community activities

The International Students Services Organization also sponsors an annual International Students Association, language orientation program, a host family program, the International Students Club. and International Students Alumni Association and an international newsletter and magazine.

Please remember the information provided on this site is only a guide to get you started. This is not like home and, therefore, you should not assume the same laws or rules apply that do in your home country. You are strongly advised to use additional precautions such as only go into areas with which you are familiar or that are well traveled and lighted; go out only with other people you know; and/or stay home late at night. The above examples are not exhaustive. Always keep your own safety in mind.

Spring Picnic


Office of International Students
Connelly Center 2nd Floor
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085


The International Student Office exists to serve our students. We enjoy whenever our students stop by to visit. 
To schedule an appointment call:
610.519.4095 or 610.519.8017