Villanova University is committed to fostering a community of respect, where all members feel safe.

Villanova has a proactive approach to education and training for our community on sexual assault prevention; extensive resources and a caring approach for supporting anyone who has experienced sexual violence; and a comprehensive, thorough and fair process for reporting and investigating incidents of sexual misconduct.


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Help and Support

Explore support resources if you or someone you know has experienced sexual misconduct.

Prevention and Education

Learn more about Villanova’s efforts to stop all forms of sexual misconduct.

Make a

Learn about your options as well as what to expect when you file a report.



Policies and Procedures

Villanova University Sexual Misconduct Policy and Grievance Procedures

Read the full policy, which includes prohibited conduct and definitions, bystander intervention strategies and reporting information:

If a formal complaint is made to the Title IX Coordinator, the University will initiate an investigation and follow the specific Special Procedures as determined by the role of the Respondent, as outlined below:

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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff play a key role in communicating University resources. There is also specialized training for those involved in reports and resolution.

Parents and Family

We encourage parents and family members to talk with their student about developing healthy, respectful and communicative relationships.

Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator Team (SARC)

The SARC team is a group of staff and faculty members who have completed extensive training on how to support survivors of sexual violence.

Respondent Resources

A University Respondent Resource Coordinator is available to provide information on resources for students accused of sexual misconduct.

Definitions and Terms

Learn more about definitions and common terms used in conversations regarding sexual misconduct.

Climate Survey

Villanova continually seeks information from the community to inform prevention efforts and enhance existing programs and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about frequently asked questions surrounding sexual misconduct and Villanova University policies.


The NOVANOW mobile app organizes resource information into a functional tool for Villanova community members.

Grievance Process Training Materials

Learn more about trainings for those involved in the University’s Sexual Misconduct Grievance Process.



Title IX Coordinator

Ms. Ryan Rost
207 Tolentine Hall


The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for overall Title IX compliance, including oversight of the University’s centralized review, investigation and resolution process for matters arising under the University Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Title IX Case Manager
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Shannon Barnett
207 Tolentine Hall


The Title IX Case Manager is responsible for receiving reports from community members, facilitating the intake process, and assisting with connection to resources, accommodations, and resolution options in the University’s response to reported incidents of sexual misconduct.



Student Health Center: 610-519-4070

Public Safety: 610-519-4444

Delaware County Victim Assistance Center: 610-566-4342

Employee Health Advocate: 866-799-2728


University Counseling Center: 610-519-4050

Clergy in a pastoral capacity