The Office of Intercultural Affairs (OIA) creates and supports programming that fosters and sustains a community of respect and inclusion for Villanovans with a special focus on underrepresented students.


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Our staff enhances the student experience by making our community more inclusive and celebrating the unique contributions of diverse students at Villanova. We create programming that enhances underrepresented student experiences, develops cultural competency and fosters spaces for inclusive engagement. 






Keren Mir-Almaguer '21

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"OIA has provided Villanova with a space to celebrate and learn about all kinds of diversity. Their impact constantly shines through and I am grateful that students have a space like this on campus."



Manav Thadani '22

Manav Thadani headshot

“OIA emphasizes the importance of diversity and unifies the Villanova community by providing members with safe spaces and events to learn about cultures and backgrounds. I'm inexpressibly grateful they've allowed me to explore my own identity and the backgrounds of my peers.”



Jamilah Jones '19

Jamilah Jones headshot

"My academic interests allowed me to explore the cultures of people all around the world, but OIA gave me a space to explore and experience diversity present within my own campus community."

Sterling Williams '19

Sterling Williams headshot

"OIA allows students to explore their identities, have a voice when they may feel like they don’t have one in other spaces and connect with a support system that feels like home."




We believe an inclusive community fosters an understanding and appreciation for diversity among our students, faculty, staff and administrators. Below are additional resources and offices on campus to help our fellow Villanovans.




A Message from the Office of Intercultural Affairs:

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is aware of the recent national incidents of racism against Black people and how it impacts our Black students at Villanova. We understand that Black students often feel pressure to help non-Black students, staff and faculty understand the insidious nature of racism and its impact on your daily functioning. In addition, we are painfully aware that acts of racism, prejudice and bias occur at Villanova despite our best efforts to create and support an inclusive community. Black students, we feel your pain and the immense pressure you experience. As an office, we are here to listen to you and to support you. The OIA will continue to work with other offices to address racism, prejudice and bias on campus so that Villanova University can be a place where all of its members feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

We are always here for you, so please reach out to us at Black Lives Matter.




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