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You care deeply about igniting change. So do we.

The Minor in Public Service and Administration is an interdisciplinary course of study, open to students from all Colleges, that prepares students to be responsibly engaged citizens and leaders in the field of public service.

Undergraduate students are exposed to a range of scholarly and practitioner viewpoints and encouraged to devise innovative and collaborative solutions in response to the challenging social, economic, political and cultural issues of our time. Students work in teams and independently in recommending actionable and data-driven responses that take into consideration insights from the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

The Public Service and Administration Minor will help students:

  • Examine ways to strengthen communities through innovative leadership and engaged citizenship while providing an understanding of collaborative public management in the U.S. and abroad with a focus on the common good.
  • Solve public problems and advocate for policy change through critical thinking, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches to improve policy outcomes and create public value.
  • Communicate, listen to, serve, and interact effectively with a range of diverse stakeholders in the field of public service with a focus on creating equitable and inclusive policies, programs, organizations and systems.
  • Learn about and develop approaches to ethical and collaborative decision making in the implementation of nonprofit, government, and private sector programs to create social impact.
  • Become 21st century public service leaders through project-based learning, internships, presentations, and the development of professional relationships with leaders in the field.


How can I contribute to the field of public service? The sectors below are just a sampling of the many industries for which a Public Service and Administration Minor would be beneficial.


  • Arts & Culture
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitals
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Private Schools

Government: Local, State and Federal 

  • Townships, Cities, Boroughs, Counties
  • State & Federal Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Service
  • Public Schools

Private Sector

  • Community & Government Relations
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Benefit Corporations

There are no specific admission requirements for the Minor. Students from all colleges are welcome. Students who wish to declare a Minor in Public Service and Administration must fill out a Minor application form. Students may fill it out any time before they graduate, though we recommend that you do so early so you can make sure you're on track. Students can download the form and drop off for Chair approval in SAC 205.

Application to add Minor.

Contact our faculty for additional support and resources!

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Villanova Public Administration alumni work in a number of diverse fields.
Villanova Public Administration alumni have diverse careers in areas such as federal, state and local government, the military, nonprofit organizations, arts and culture, professional and collegiate athletics, higher education, private schools, nongovernmental organizations, social service agencies, international relations, federal agencies, healthcare, community organizations, law enforcement, and infrastructure and transit, among others.