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Villanova Public Administration faculty boast a wide range of scholarly interests and offer interdisciplinary and applied approaches. Our cohort of part-time faculty bring their unique set of skills, experiences and expertise to the classroom.


Faculty are actively engaged in research, publishing in the discipline’s top journals and university presses. They have established networks with nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Our faculty also have extensive experience in university administration, government management and the nonprofit sector. Students have the opportunity to pursue independent research under the advisement and mentoring of our faculty. Most important, our faculty are deeply committed to teaching and advising.


Learn from leaders in the field. Our cohort of part-time faculty enhance our program by bringing their unique set of skills, experiences, and expertise to the classroom. Their professional networks introduce our students to potential internship, fellowship and employment opportunities.


Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Public Administration

Financial management strategies that enable public organizations to offer continuous service even in the most tough circumstances such as recessions, natural disasters, or other unplanned contingencies is Dr. Arapis’ specialty. An expert of fiscal policy, Dr. Arapis has devoted himself to preparing the next generation of public administrators for an ethical, accountable, and transparent public service career. His research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, The American Review of Public Administration, Public Budgeting and Finance, Public Finance Review, the Journal of Public Budgeting Accounting and Financial Management, Government Finance Review, and the Journal of Government Financial Management. Faculty bio.

Assistant Professor of Public Administration
ICMA Student Chapter Advisor

Dr. Chatterjee’s research interests include local government management, emergency management policies, and urban studies. Some of her past research projects have examined smart growth policies adopted by local governments in Florida, response to the Ebola outbreak in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, public-private partnerships in disaster risk reduction, and flash flood events in Northern India. Currently, her research is primarily focused on COVID-19 response policies among local governments in Florida and Pennsylvania, and climate change response policies in Northeastern United States. Faculty bio.

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Gadson’s research interest lies at the intersection of public program evaluation and the study of the structural and cultural forces that influence public policy initiatives. In her current research, she studies federal efforts to reduce health disparities in the United States through the Community Health Center program, and evaluate how social factors such as race, socioeconomic status, and neighborhood characteristics influence the program’s ability to meaningfully address health disparities amongst medically-vulnerable populations. Faculty bio.

MPA Director
Assistant Teaching Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Adam Kuczynski's research interests involve the overarching ideas of perception and communication within administrative and legal frameworks in the intersecting areas of the government, private, and nonprofit sectors. In particular, this has included transparency, constituent expectations, and philanthropy. Dr. Kuczynski is also interested in the effectiveness of public administration education in a changing world. Faculty bio.


Assistant Teaching Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Miltenberger’s research focuses on the relationship between nonprofit organizations and government agencies via human service contracting. Specifically, her research investigates how partnership arrangements and collaboration can be integrated into the current human services system. In addition, Dr. Miltenberger is interested in school district financial management and the assessment of school district financial condition. Faculty bio.

Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Palus’ research falls into two basic areas: 1) local politics and administration and 2) public management.  A common thread linking all of her work is a concern for the quality of representation and responsiveness in the American federal system. She is very interested in the processes associated with the formation, implementation, and administration of public policies, particularly at state and local levels.  Why are certain policies enacted?  How do institutional structures and environmental factors influence the relationships between citizens and government at the local, state, and national levels?  What role do elected and appointed officials play in the process of representation and policymaking? She strongly believes in the importance of both theoretically rich and methodologically sophisticated work.  The primary outlets for work in her areas of expertise are academic journals in the disciplines of Public Administration and Political Science. She has significant statistical training, and although most of her research projects use quantitative methodologies, she also has incorporated qualitative approaches. Faculty bio.

Assistant Teaching Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Proctor’s fields of study include the recruitment and retention of African American undergraduate students at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs), nonprofit management and administration. He has significant training in assisting organizations across the country obtain their 501c3 designation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). His interest focuses on newly formed nonprofit organizations who need guidance in providing programs and services. In addition, he is interested in how nonprofit organizations stay in compliance with all federal, state and local filings, laws and regulations. Faculty bio

Senior Vice Provost for Academics, Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Wheeland’s research program focuses on city management, along with leadership by elected officials in city and suburban governments, collaborative problem-solving approaches, such as community-wide strategic planning, and municipal government institutions. Faculty bio.

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration

Dr. Wilson’s fields of study include nonprofit management, immigrant integration, and cultural competency.  She is interested in the role that nonprofit organizations play in delivering services to minority communities – ethnic, racial, and cultural minorities as well as immigrants –in the United States.  Dr. Wilson is the author of The Politics of Latino Faith: Religion, Identity, and Urban Community (2008), which examined the social and political involvement of three Latino faith-based organizations in the United States. Faculty bio.

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