Crystal Lucky teaches an English class.

In Villanova English courses, you explore literature from around the world, engaging with themes, forms and writing techniques that help you grow as a thinker, writer, and person.

Both our literature and creative writing courses are run as seminars, in which you get to know your professor and other students, and they get to know you. In this supportive community, you work together to better understand the past, present, and future through literature and other cultural media. We confront timeless questions, including the pursuit of a meaningful life and definitions of love and family, and urgent topics, including racial justice, sexual and gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

Our English faculty carefully prepare their literature classes and creative writing workshops, mixing discussion, brief lectures on key content, and advanced writing instruction with a range of other teaching approaches, including group work, in-class writing, student presentations, and guided research. English majors and minors will tell you that their English classes are often the most intellectually exciting and personally enriching courses they take at Villanova.   


Villanova University
Department of English
St. Augustine Center
Room 402

Department Chair
Professor Heather Hicks

Cynthia Farrell

Sharon Rose-Davis

Why Villanova English?


English faculty are also closely engaged with Villanova's programs in:

Creative Writing

Writing and Rhetoric

Africana Studies

Gender and Women's Studies

Irish Studies

Cultural Studies