The large number and diversity of Villanova’s graduate programs enable students to combine a degree in one discipline with a second degree or a certificate in another discipline, and count certain courses for both. This opportunity is especially appealing to students who seek to unite their studies in a more academic area with work in a more applied or professionally oriented field. While the possible combinations of degrees with certificates are numerous, we offer several programs that pair particular disciplines across departments. These combinations are designed to strengthen students’ credentials and opportunities to learn real-world skills as they pursue their academic passion.

Up to 25% of credits in one program may also be counted toward the credit requirements in the second program.

How to Apply 

Applicants interested in pursuing two degrees or a degree and a certificate must be accepted by each program. If you are interested in applying to two programs – degree or certificate – you generally must apply separately to both. Once you complete your first application, you will be provided with access to begin a second application. Personal identifying information will be transferred to your second application on your behalf for your convenience.

Students already enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Villanova may also apply to pursue a second degree or certificate. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies to express your interest in enrolling in an additional program.

Degree–Certificate Programs

Dual Master's Degrees

Villanova’s broad offerings in graduate education also offer students an opportunity to enroll in two graduate programs simultaneously, either within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or in two different Colleges, such as Liberal Arts and Sciences and Engineering. The two programs could be related, such as History and Political Science, or represent two quite different disciplines, such as Theology and Mechanical Engineering.  

We are also pleased to offer a joint JD-MPA Program with the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law. This program enables students to earn both a JD and an MPA degree simultaneously at Villanova.

Those interested in pursuing two degrees simultaneously must apply to each program separately.  Each program has separate authority to approve or disapprove the student’s admission. Once admitted to both programs, students may earn two Masters degrees at an accelerated pace by having up to 25% of the credits taken in one program counted toward the credit requirements in the second program.

Enrolling in Two Programs Simultaneously

Students may enroll in two graduate programs (degree or certificate) simultaneously (within the same college or between two colleges). If the student is not seeking admission to a previously established joint program (which functions under its own regulations), the student may apply to both programs. Each program has separate authority to approve or disapprove the student’s admission. In so doing, it may function independently or in collaboration with the other program. Each program bears responsibility for proper advising of dual-enrolled students. Each program must communicate (a) with each other and (b) with the Registrar and Bursar on the particulars of the dual enrollment.

With the appropriate approvals from the two programs involved, the student will be registered in, and enroll in courses in, both programs. With the approval of a given program (A), up to 25% of the credit hour requirements of that program (A) may be earned in the other program (B) and thus “double counted.” Thus a student in a program requiring 30 credits may, with that program’s approval, count up to six credits earned in the other program. A student in program requiring 48 credits may, with that program’s approval, count up to 12 credits earned in the other program. The transfer may go in both directions, subject to the 25% limit. Combined Bachelor-Master programs are not included in this policy.

The two programs will collaborate on matters of financial assistance under the following principles:

  • A student may receive only one graduate assistantship in a given academic year.
  • A student with a graduate assistantship in one program may not simultaneously receive financial aid from the other.
  • Both programs may combine resources to fund a full graduate assistantship.
  • Tuition scholarship assistance from both programs may not, in total, exceed the tuition cost of that student’s coursework for the year.
  • A student receiving tuition scholarship support from both programs may not be required to work more than a total of 20 hours in a week.
  • Students are required to complete the comprehensive exams, theses, capstone papers, etc. for each of the programs in which they are enrolled.
  • Tuition in cases of simultaneous dual enrollment is determined by the Bursar by averaging the tuitions of the two programs.


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