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Law School Student Information

Dear Student,

Congratulations on being accepted to Villanova University Law School.  The Wildcard office would like to make your first day of orientation easier on you.

It is mandatory that all students entering Villanova University have a Wildcard. The Wildcard is your official student ID and will give you access to the Law School, library, internet, numerous academic doors, your Nova Bucks™ account, print allowance, Davis Center and vending machines.

To process your Wildcard on-line using VPhoto, please follow these steps (recommended):

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the on-line instructions
  3. Please submit your photo on-line by July 30th

You will receive your Wildcard during orientation. NO Wildcards will be given out ahead of time. If you do not send in your photo ahead of time, you will have to visit us at the Wildcard Office in Dougherty Hall on Main Campus during our regular business hours.

Conveniently located on your Wildcard is your Nova Bucks™ Account. When you receive your Wildcard, a Nova Bucks™ account is automatically opened for you. This account is a restricted spending account which allows you to enjoy the convenience of purchasing power all across campus and in the surrounding community without carrying cash or checks. You will receive a 5% discount at the University Bookstore when paying for your purchase with your Nova Bucks™.  Nova Bucks™ is also accepted in the Law School coffee shop, vending machines and dining hall. For information on how to add funds to your Nova Bucks™ account, please visit our website.  Remember, each time you use your Nova Bucks™ debit account, the amount of your purchase will automatically be deducted from your account. Once you put money into your account, the balance stays with you until you graduate, or terminate all affiliations with Villanova University and there are no cash withdraws from this account.

If you have any questions, contact the Wildcard Office at 610-519-6202.  For more information on the Wildcard, please visit


Kathy Gallagher
University Card Systems
University Information Technologies

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