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How do I make additional deposits?

You can make additional deposits at any time. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or debit accounts. You can come into the office or send a check or credit card deposit in through the mail to (Villanova University Wildcard Office, Dougherty Hall 800 Lancaster Avenue Villanova, PA 19085.) Another way of making a deposit into your Nova Bucks™ is with our online deposit feature. Students and parents can add value to Nova Bucks™ through the web by using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. You will be able to add funds, check your balances and view your recent transactions anytime you want. Your electronic funds will be available immediately. However, there will be a $2.50 convenience fee when you add value through the web. For instance, if you deposit $50.00 online your credit card will be charged $52.50.

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Can I let someone borrow my card?

Rights and privileges associated with the card are non- transferable. You are held accountable for all financial and business transactions conducted with your Wildcard. Always carry your Wildcard with you as it is your proof that you are a student, faculty or staff member- it will make your life easier with all its capabilities!

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What if I find someone else's card?

If you find someone else's card, be sure to return it to the Wildcard Office, or call 610.519.6202 for further instructions. Attempting to use a lost and/or stolen card for any purpose can be considered theft.

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What if I lose my card?

Report the loss immediately online or to the Wildcard Office in Dougherty Hall to prevent unauthorized use of your card. When the Wildcard Office is closed you may also report the loss to Public Safety at 610.519.6979. Once you contact the Wildcard office or Public Safety, your Wildcard account will be frozen immediately. Frozen accounts may be reactivated online or at the Wildcard Office in Dougherty Hall. Only your most recently issued card can be reactivated.

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Who is eligible?

The Wildcard is required for all Villanova students, faculty and staff as their identification card. Alumni and Dependents can purchase a Wildcard for a fee of $30.00 and Radnor Township residents are eligible to purchase a Friends of Villanova for a fee of $25.

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If I'm on a student meal plan, can I still use the Wildcard?

Absolutely! Your meal plan and your Nova Bucks™ are two separate accounts. The meal plan can be used at Dining Services locations and Nova Bucks™ can be used at all dining locations as well as selected off campus locations, which are listed here.

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How do I open my Nova Bucks™ account?

Your Nova Bucks™ is automatically opened for you when you receive your Wildcard. After your initial deposit, you can use it everywhere on campus as well as many off campus locations. To make a deposit just complete a Nova Bucks™ deposit form and return it with your deposit - by check (made payable to Villanova University) or through Visa, MasterCard or Discover to the Wildcard Office in Dougherty Hall. Another way of making a deposit is with our online deposit feature. Students and parents can add value to the Nova Bucks™ account through the web by using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card through our online deposit system You can always make a deposit in person at the Wildcard Office in Dougherty Hall.

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How do I close my account?

Once you make a deposit into your Nova Bucks™ account your balance follows you from semester to semester. The balance that is in your Nova Bucks™ account will stay with you until you graduate or terminate all affiliations with Villanova University. At that time, your balance will be refunded to you if the balance is greater than $10.

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