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Banking Transition FAQs


What transition is taking place?

The University is partnering with JPMorgan Chase, beginning in the 2021-22 academic year. Two Chase ATMs will be available on campus and a branch is located in the Villanova Center within walking distance from main campus.

As the University’s contract with Wells Fargo is ending, the Wells Fargo branch on campus will be closing in mid-July. Students can still access Wells Fargo branches in the neighboring towns of Rosemont and Wayne.

Will Wildcards that are currently linked to Wells Fargo accounts continue to work?

Previously, if you chose to bank with Wells Fargo, you could have Wells Fargo link your Wildcard to your Wells Fargo account, allowing you to use your Wildcard both as a University card and your Wells Fargo debit card.

All existing linked Wildcards will continue to work with their associated Wells Fargo accounts in the short-term—estimate is through September 2021—but ultimately will no longer be able to link to a Wells Fargo account. During the summer, Wells Fargo will communicate directly with their customers with linked Wildcards about the exact timeline and process for this change. This timeline is determined by Wells Fargo.

Moving forward, Wildcards that were previously linked to Wells Fargo accounts will continue to function as University cards without any interruption. There is no need to get a new Wildcard to remain connected to University services.

What if I lose my Wells Fargo linked Wildcard over the summer?

If you lose your Wildcard during this transition period, you will not be able to re-link your new Wildcard to your existing Wells Fargo account.

Moving forward, will the Wildcard be able to link to a Chase account?

No. The University’s Wildcard will not be able to link to any Chase account. If you choose to bank with Chase, you will have a bank-issued debit card.

What is NovaBucks?

NovaBucks is a restricted spending debit account that is on your Wildcard and is managed through the Wildcard Office. It allows you to enjoy the convenience of purchasing power across campus and the immediate surrounding community without the need to carry cash. NovaBucks are accepted at all on-campus dining locations, campus vending machines, campus-wide for all activities and at more than 50 locations off campus. Using NovaBucks will also earn you a discount in the University Bookstore. Learn more about NovaBucks on the Wildcard homepage.

What ATMs will be on campus?

In mid-July, there will be a transition from Wells Fargo to Chase ATMs on campus. The Chase ATMs will be located in the Connelly Center and St. Mary’s Hall (in the St. Mary’s mailroom area). For the first three months after installation, Chase will waive their $3.00 per transaction surcharges for any non-Chase customers who use the on-campus ATMs. (Please be aware that your particular bank may have a surcharge.) After that, regular surcharges for non-Chase customers who use the on-campus Chase ATMs will apply.

Where can I find Wells Fargo branches and ATMs?


The nearest Wells Fargo branches, including ATMs, to Villanova’s campus are located in the neighboring towns of Rosemont (1200 E Lancaster Ave.) and Wayne (305 E. Lancaster Ave.) You can also use Wells Fargo’s branch locator

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