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Wildcard at a Glance

Nova Bucks™ Debit Account

As soon as you make your first deposit, this restricted spending account allows you to enjoy the convenience of purchasing power all across campus and in the selected merchants in the surrounding community.

Door Access

With authorization and a swipe of a card you can access restricted areas around campus

Meal Plans and Dining Points

  • Each time you swipe your card to enter one of our dining halls a meal is deducted from your prepaid meal plan
  • Each meal plan has a side account of points.  These points can be used instead of cash to purchase items in any Dining Services location (including the convenience stores)

Library Privileges

All members of Villanova University must swipe or tap their Wildcard to gain entrance to the Falvey Library and to check out material. 


The VPrint program was designed to give students access to printing resources throughout the campus using an annual print allowance as determined by their college. 


The Nova Bucks™ Debit Account and Dining points can be used at vending machines across campus.


  • From a computer or smart phone a student can:
  • Select their favorite laundry room
  • Choose an available washer or dryer
  • Place a machine on hold
  • Be notified when their laundry is completed
  • Swipe, choose a machine and load their laundry
  • Nova Bucks™ is the only form of payment

Outside Merchants

  • All types of merchants in the surrounding community accept the Nova Bucks™ Debit plan as payment, including restaurants, drycleaners, grocery stores, salons, etc. 
  • See our complete listing on the Wildcard website

On-Line Features

The convenience of managing your Wildcard 24 hours a day is right at your fingertips.  You can make a deposit, suspend your account if you lost your card, check your balances, view transactions or send an email to family member letting them know that your Nova Bucks™ balance is getting low.

University Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7777
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

Walk-ins: Falvey Library, First Floor
M-Th 9am-7pm
F 9am-5pm

TechZone @ The Commons
Dobbin Hall
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

School of Law Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7700
Walk-ins: Law Library Rm 104
M-F 9am-5pm

Classroom Technologies Hotline


Download the Wildcard Brochure