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Villanova University is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) campus. As such, all faculty, staff, students, and guests are required to provide their own laptop/device power supply and AV adapter to connect to campus AV systems. If you have questions about connecting your device to campus AV systems, please see the list of commonly used adapters or call the Classroom Support Hotline at 610-519-5631 for more information.

Previous Announcements

The Classroom Technologies group in UNIT removed old, outdated technology from classrooms during January 2016. This old technology was often taking up unnecessary space, remained unused and parts were no longer available. Also, new technologies were already installed or available to replace the aging equipment.

The following AV equipment was removed from all classrooms:

  • Carts with TVs and VCRs
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Slide Projectors

Classroom Technologies will no longer install VCRs or DVD players in new classroom AV systems, nor will we replace failing units in existing systems. 

Oh no! I use overhead projectors for instruction. What do I do?

We now offer Document Cameras that connect to all classroom AV systems. A document camera will do all of the things that an overhead projector can do plus more! Here is a video link to the product and some of its features:

Oh no! I use VHS tapes and DVDs for instruction. What do I do?

We understand many faculty still use VHS tapes and DVDs for instruction. Did you know our Media Technologies group can convert VHS tapes or DVDs to other formats such as MP4? This will preserve important media to a more reliable and available standard. The converted media can be made available on Mediasite or file share. To request your media to be transferred to DVD or MP4, please complete and submit the form at:

Ok, I’ve converted my VHS tape to DVD but there is no longer a DVD player in my classroom. What do I do?

Many computers and laptops still feature a DVD drive. You can play a DVD in a classroom with any computer that has a DVD drive, and they often support more regions than a standalone DVD player. UNIT also has an E-Com (Equipment Checkout) service where multi-region Blu-ray/DVD players can be barrowed upon request. These players connect to all existing classroom AV systems and the Classroom Technologies support staff can assist with any questions. You can reserve equipment for checkout by calling our E-Com Hotline at 610-519-4467. You can also find out more information about equipment available for checkout by visiting E-Com’s website at:

University Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7777
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

Walk-ins: Falvey Library, First Floor
M-Th 9am-7pm
F 9am-5pm

TechZone @ The Commons
Dobbin Hall
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

School of Law Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7700
Walk-ins: Law Library Rm 104
M-F 9am-5pm

Classroom Technologies Hotline


Report a Problem or Request Assistance

Call the Classroom Support Hotline @ 610-519-5631 to report classroom A/V problems, request assistance or request training. For basic operations we can often meet you right before your class and get you up to speed!